Each video will explain what the trick is, how it can be used in everyday tasks and how to teach them using simple, step by step techniques. We will start off with the easier tricks and slowly move to a couple of more challenging tricks.

When we were recording these trick’s, we had you in mind. We deliberately chose dogs that aren’t in your average training videos and dogs that didn’t know these tricks beforehand. This meant that we were able to take the same training journey as you – we know the parts that were easy for our dogs, the considerations we needed to take and the methods that were a bit trickier!

Course curriculum

    1. Getting Started

    2. Touch/Hand Target

    3. Paw

    4. Catch

    5. Bow

    6. Stick 'em Up

    7. Bang

About this course

  • £12.00
  • 7 lessons
  • What will your dog learn? Touch/Hand Target • Paw • Catch • Bow • Paws Up/Stick ‘em Up • Bang/Play Dead

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